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A quick overview…

We believe that the success of any marketing strategy is ultimately measured by the impact it has on the business. It is, for this reason, we obsess over improving the metrics that deliver real value to the business.

Founded by Piperis Filippaios, our agency began life in 2009 in the lovely town of Canterbury, Kent. Since those days, we’ve worked with clients all over the country and overseas to increase the return from their digital marketing activities.

Meet The Team!

Piperis Filippaios



I launched digitalbeans in 2009 after being asked by a number of local businesses to help them with their digital marketing.

Since then, I’ve grown the company to what it is today and have also set up and run a number of successful e-commerce brands with my wife. I’m passionate about young entrepreneurship, I’m a trustee for the Kent Foundation and a dad to 2 toddlers.

Life is hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Amy Filippaios

Creative Director

Hi 😀

My role within digitalbeans has grown alongside my own experience in running and managing fellow BambuGroup band's. I oversee the creative output of DigitalBeans, along with other brands I have shaped from the ground up, which include SimplyHair, HairExtensionsBff, and PrettySpoilt. I am a working mum, so juggle my responsibilities alongside looking after my two mischievous toddlers.

Benjamin Linden

Account Manager

Having been interested in web design since the age of 12, my interests naturally moved into getting people to the websites that I’ve built through Digital Marketing. Fast forward a few years later, I successfully grew a website of my own by using SEO and I’ve been obsessed with Digital Marketing ever since!

Roxana Rosu

PPC Manager

Yuu-Huu! 👋

As one of the many Digital Marketing pandas smashing it online, my love for everything marketing grew out of hate for emotionless toothpaste and toothbrushes ads on TV. It didn’t take me long to figure out that when marketing is done genuinely, you can connect with people on a completely different level! And business will flourish from there...

Josh Harvey

PPC Manager

Hi, I'm Josh! I'm a PPC Manager here at digitalbeans. My job is to plan, activate, manage and monitor the success of PPC and Social Ad campaigns. I've lived and breathed digital since I was 6 years old and love being immersed in the ever-changing world of digital advertising.


Creative Executive

Hey - As Creative Executive, my role is to work alongside our Creative Director to ensure the companies visual elements and output is consistent. I am hugely passionate about Marketing and also have other roles in SimplyHair, HairExtensionsBFF and PrettySpoilt. My other passion is travelling. Places inspire me more than anything and heading off on adventures are what I live for!

Jack Smith

Digital Content Producer

I made a decision when I turned 34 that I wasn't going to do 'just a job' any more. I wanted to do something I was passionate about and something creative. So I quit my job in finance and started on a journey where I wanted to create engaging stories on film. This brought me into a 2-year stint in television facilities, before embarking on 3 years of content creation. It was the best decision I've ever made!

Landing here at digitalbeans and working with such a vibrant and inspiring team of people is proof of that. I'm also a writer, and an actor, but most importantly I am a dad to the funniest little boy I've ever known.

Ben Pearce

Relationship Manager

Hey - I'm the Relationship Manager around these ends. I love my job. I get to use what I know within Marketing and content creation to enhance the digitalbeans brand. I also get to do something else I love, talking, to others and form relationships with other local businesses.

Not going to lie - juggling my job, networking events, 5-aside football, running, tweeting about Manchester United, presenting my own radio show and being a dad to the most gorgeous little girl in the world (I'm biased), is difficult. But, I really can't complain. I love every minute of everything I do.

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