About Piperis

Born in Athens. Passionate about startups, technology and marketing. Loves podcasts and audiobooks. Unhealthy obsession with Starbucks. Addicted to chocolate. Retired spearfisher.


With a passion for technology and marketing since his teenage years, Piperis has developed a wide range of technical skills and experience. From learning to code in Visual Basic in the early 2000s, to now helping clients across the world with their digital marketing, Piperis has gone through an eventful journey along the way.

Having started, and failed, at dozens of business ideas before reaching his 20s, to completing a BSc in Business Administration and a MSc in Management with Accounting & Finance at Kent Business School, to now running two successful companies and having worked alongside nearly 100 client businesses to date, Piperis brings a wealth of experience to the table.


Piperis’ skills span a wide range of disciplines, ranging from SEO, paid search, remarketing and most other aspects of digital marketing. However, his most valuable skill is the ability to adapt and learn how different businesses work. Identifying the challenges of different businesses and using technology to overcome them is a key skill Piperis has used time and time again. From managing the inventory and packing efficiency of a growing ecommerce brand, to building spreadsheets for rapid analysis of data, Piperis has the skills to understand and work towards finding a solution to many technical business challenges.

As a developer in his teens and a systematic problem solver, Piperis is also very comfortable liaising with developers and working with technical teams to come up with and implement the best solution to technical challenges. His ability to relay the business challenges and objectives to developers helps reduce friction between all parties involved in a project and as a a result can speed up the delivery of the end product.


Prior to starting DigitalBeans, Piperis had worked alongside other businesses and started numerous other ventures online, ranging from hosting to food & drink. Whilst none of these ventures worked out, they have paved the way to the present day and have armed Piperis with experiences he recalls in a positive light.

Having started DigitalBeans in 2010, Piperis has since launched SimplyHair, a brand of luxury hair extensions selling online, which has experienced rapid growth since the start.

Since starting DigitalBeans, Piperis has worked with around 100 different organisations, ranging from retail to health charities and public sector organisations. During this time, Piperis has been able to gain a unique view inside each of these and work with them to overcome their own unique challenges.

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