Based in Canterbury, we're a Kent-based Shopify agency that specialises in helping small and medium brands grow. As experienced ecommerce owners ourselves, we design, build, and develop top-notch Shopify themes, apps, and stores. Leveraging our expertise in sourcing or crafting the perfect tools and strategies, we're committed to driving your ecommerce brand's growth and success.

The story of digitalbeans...

Are you a small business owner looking to harness the power of e-commerce to grow your sales and achieve success? At digitalbeans, we understand the unique challenges and aspirations of small businesses in the competitive online landscape.

We know that small businesses like yours often struggle with creating attractive online stores, optimizing performance, integrating essential apps, and improving search rankings. As a result, you may be missing out on valuable opportunities to reach and engage your target audience.

digitalbeans was established in 2010 by Piperis Filippaios, a passionate entrepreneur and techie who discovered coding at the age of 13. Piperis has not only helped over 100 brands succeed in e-commerce, but he also runs his own thriving e-commerce brand alongside his wife since 2013. With a decade of experience in Shopify development and a deep understanding of small business challenges, digitalbeans is here to guide you on your journey to e-commerce success.

Our team of dedicated Shopify experts offers a wide range of solutions tailored to your specific needs, including custom development, app integration, theme customization, and performance optimization. Our proven process ensures seamless collaboration from initial consultation to project completion, helping your small business overcome obstacles and achieve its online potential.

I'm A Shopify Store Looking To Grow.

Our Shopify growth strategy can help your brand grow beyond your wildest dreams. Whether you need support in optimising and further developing your store and/or PPC marketing, our growth strategy can cover the areas which you need our support in.

I'm An eCommerce Brand Not Using Shopify Looking To Grow.

Perfect - we work with all eCommerce brands. If you need support in optimising your store, or PPC marketing - we have a talented team with specialists that can help grow your store on the platform that best suits you.

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