How Gymshark’s Ecommerce Site Grew A £1 Billion+ Company

September 11, 2020
Becoming one of the fastest-growing ecommerce brands in the UK. Gymshark has managed to corner a section of the saturated sportswear market. Standing at a value of over £1 Billion. Gymshark Recently accepted an investment offer from General Atlantic, for a 21% stake in the company (Forbes).  The increasing popularity of ‘athleisure’ clothing has continued to drive sales. Most brands offered gym wear designed for functionality,  as opposed to being desirable and fashionable. Identifying and entering this market with the approach of ‘aspirational but affordable’ apparel. Resulted in a disruption to larger competitors such as Nike and Adidas. Leaving small gym…

Why Your E-commerce Checkout Is Killing Your Sales

September 11, 2020
We know you’ve done it, we all have.  Leaving items in the cart without parting with your cash, is something many of us are guilty of. Whether you left because you found it elsewhere or simply because you ran out of time, it's something that is all too common. In fact, a survey conducted by Barclaycard found that 41% of shoppers have abandoned a transaction during checkout in the past year, adding up to £18bn in lost sales. As a business owner or marketer, you may be scratching your head on why this is happening. You have succeeded in getting…