Case Study: SimplyHair


SimplyHair is owned by Piperis, the director of DigitalBeans, so a testimonial here would be a bit biased…

You can read more about Piperis here.

The Client

SimplyHair is a professional brand of luxury human hair extensions that specialises in supplying business customers. Founded by Piperis and his wife, the aim has always been to aggressively increase their key performance metrics. This included website traffic, lead generation, eCommerce revenue and customer retention.

The Challenge

The challenge has always been growth. From launching the brand and needing to build traffic and trust quickly, to maintaining the rapid growth of the company over the next couple of years, growth around every key metric has been key.

The brand needed a strong digital campaign that would highlight the team’s expertise and knowledge of the products to new audiences, whilst delivering key messaging to existing customers to reinforce the brand.

Our Solution

With the use of a well planned content marketing strategy, backed with paid advertising across major networks, including Google & Facebook, we have been able to deliver the various campaigns and messaging to the right target audience at the right time. Of course, each campaign is always revised and tweaked on a regular basis, with numerous experimental campaigns running at all times.

The Results

Some of our results from our work include:

+88% increase in organic traffic

+44% increase in ecommerce revenue

+61% increase in lead generation

*Figures compare Q1 2017 to Q1 2016

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