Case Study: Yacht Club Cala D’or

yacht club cala dor

“We have been working with DigitalBeans for the last 4 years, and the service we have received has always been great. We have seen our cost per acquisition fall dramatically. Every quarter we experience a further growth in sales.

We would strongly recommend DigitalBeans to anyone considering a new digital marketing agency.”

The Client

Yacht Club Cala d’Or is an exclusive luxury yacht club based in Majorca. From corporate evenings to casual dinners, the club is a stunning venue for any event. The business specialises in offering wedding packages for couples from across Europe, tailoring their offering around any specific needs.

The Challenge

Prior to working with us, the business had been increasing it’s AdWords spend for around 18 months in an effort to maintain their level of enquiries, however the net result was that they were actually receiving less enquiries. This was skyrocketing their cost per lead to unsustainable levels.

To maximise the club’s return on investment, we needed to increase the number of leads generated through their digital marketing spend.

Our Solution

Following a discussion with the client, we set a realistic cost per lead that we would like to achieve and initially worked on achieving this goal through their paid search traffic. As a Google Partner agency, we work heavily with Google AdWords to help raise awareness and generate the right traffic for the business.

We later coupled this with our expertise in Facebook Ads in order to further increase the number of leads generated. The campaigns on Facebook have also achieved new record lows for the cost per lead generated.

We have since constantly kept challenging ourselves by reducing the cost per lead goal and finding new and creative campaigns to help the business further.

The Results

We have an ongoing relationship with the Yacht Club Cala d’Or, but our achievements to date include:

+40% increase in enquiries year-on-year

-18% decrease in the cost of acquiring per lead (cost per acquisition) year-on-year

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