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Strengthen Customer Relationships Using Facebook Chatbots.

Every day, there are 260 million new conversations launched over Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Chatbots are not the future of Messaging Marketing… They are the now.

The most recent results which compare Facebook Chatbots to Email Marketing are blowing the minds of industry experts and business owners alike!

The open rate for Facebook Chatbots is four times better than Email, meaning your message has a bigger and better chance of getting seen.

Your business could be benefitting from this incredible exposure that Facebook Chatbots offer. However, they have the potential to offer so much more to your brand besides great results…

The benefits of utilising a Facebook Chatbot!

24/7 Customer Support

Your customer service team will get the helping hand they need when over-loaded with requests. Using keywords, your chatbot can solve any customer query 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Boost Engagement

There’s no limit to the knowledge your Chatbot can have. Instant replies and the ability to have a conversation with your customers will see a positive boost in engagement.

Selling Services

From making reservations to organising callbacks and encouraging spend on your website, your Chatbot can make it easy for your customers to purchase your product(s).


Similar to sending email shots to your subscriber list, you can send promotional messaging and alerts to everyone in your broadcast list. You can also segment your list using categories to categorise your audience.

Just like with email marketing, people who are subscribed to your Chatbot can be sent promotional messages via a broadcast campaign, however, unlike email marketing, people who receive these messages are highly likely to open your message and take action.

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