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So you’re interested in launching a new ecommerce store or updating your existing one. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could not just work with a team of technical experts that know how to execute the technical side of things, but also if you could bounce off of and be guided by a team that also started, built and run their own Ecommerce businesses today? Well, you’re in luck.

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We’re actually housed in the same building as multiple ecommerce brands, of different sizes.

“Random… how come?” We hear you ask. We’re glad you asked. Piperis, our MD, together with his wife, Amy, launched a professional brand of hair extensions, SimplyHair, in 2013. Today, SimplyHair is a widely recognised brand within salons and hair dressers. The company hasn’t stopped growing since its launch, all of which has been fuelled by digital marketing.

Piperis is involved in every ecommerce build, there for every stage during the build. He also consults and helps predict and overcome technical challenges to ensure that internal business processes and operations have been thought about and are able to tie in with the website. In a nutshell, Piperis approaches our ecommerce builds from a business angle, not merely a technical one.

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With an ever increasing number of stores now using WooCommerce, platform usage is touching 30% of all ecommerce sites. That’s nearly 1 in 3, making it the number one shopping platform out there. With that popularity also comes a huge host of benefits for WooCommerce store owners. Here are just a few we love:

  • Thousands of developers working for you around the clock. No, we don’t mean us. WooCommerce is built and improved to by the community, as it’s open source,  and maintained by Automattic, a billion dollar company. As a result, your ecommerce store is getting better, safer and faster with every release. Just check out how frequently WooCommerce updates are pushed out.
  • Allow customers to shop in their local currency by accepting multiple currencies
  • Stock control built in
  • Reporting functionality of sale performance
  • Open source means there are no platform or usage fees. Most other platforms charge a monthly fee to just use their platform. And that’s before you’ve even taken a single payment. Of course, as your grow, so do these fees. With your ecommerce website being in WooCommerce, it means that there will be no platform fees.
  • Discount codes
  • Subscription based products, with amazing range of features, allowing you to build a repeatable and predictable revenue.
  • Advanced Facebook Pixel integration, including advanced matching.

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Running a store that isn’t on WooCommerce? Keen to take advantage of the benefits WooCommerce has to offer? You’re in the right place.

Over the years we’ve migrated a number of stores in to WooCommerce. Whether you’re looking to move from Magento (any version) or a bespoke ecommerce platform to WooCommerce, we can help.

But when should you consider migrating your Ecommerce store to WooCommerce? 

If the thought of losing historical data such as past customer orders, customer accounts (logins) or importing your product catalog keeps you awake at night, is when you know you should be looking at migration of that data.
As web developers, we’re able to confidently handle this entire process for you. Assisted by semi-automatic scripts, we’re able to confidently and safely migrate your data to your new WooCommerce site. In many cases we can even migrate things like your customer login credentials, meaning your customers won’t even need to reset their passwords to access their accounts on the new site. That’s pretty cool, right?

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