Eliminate the pain of
teacher & pupil recruitment

Budgets are only getting tighter in the education sector. We can help you save on student and staff intake.

It’s time for the Education sector to take a step forward in to digital marketing.

As specialists in developing digital marketing strategies, we work alongside educational establishments (including primary, secondary and six forms) to discover and deliver campaigns to a targeted audience.

Because let’s face it, schools and academies have more important roles to fill than a marketing or recruitment team.

We’ve developed campaigns for educational programs, summer schools, open days and many other intake events, including to the parents of new students who are looking for future schooling.

Most recently we also spear-headed a campaign of a new academy launching in the London area. Specifically targeting teachers and the parents of pupils in the surrounding area.

How we can improve your teacher recruitment.

Another challenge within the Education sector is the turnover of staff. It’s reported that 16% of public school teachers change or leave teaching roles every year (that’s over half a million teachers nationwide).

A number of schools/academies we’ve spoken to have found it difficult to manage recruitment in-house and even more difficult to work with recruiters who charge a high fee for potential candidates who usually only have the intention to see out a year or two.

This is where we can help you. Using digital marketing campaigns we refine and target staff, whilst also tailoring messaging and campaigns as per the specifications given in the job role. Results have already shown that adopting this strategy can help attract a higher quality of applicants.

For example, more teachers are now joining The Harris Federation because they want to work for them. Which improves their turnover of staff. It also cuts the fees and saved a huge amount of money which can be invested back in to education.

Using search engine campaigns, website traffic has increased by 344% and organic visits are up 58% over the past 12 months. Through social media campaigns. 41% of the targeted audience clicked through on to the application site.

Now you need to ask yourself; if a digital marketing strategy is working for one of the biggest school and academy groups in the UK… why won’t it work for you? Now’s the time to kick a** online and make things happen.

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