Build Customer Relationships All Day, Every Day Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots 💬

Every day, there are 260 million new conversations launched over Messenger. Ready to join in?

Forget email marketing, the future of customer engagement is Chatbots.

Give your customers access to 24/7 product information – boost customer acquisition, conversion & retention.

Once your Chatbot has been built and fully customised, the opportunities are endless. Instantly reply to people and guide them to the answer they seek without any human interaction.

Just like with email marketing, people who are subscribed to your Chatbot can be sent promotional messages via a broadcast campaign, however, unlike email marketing, people who receive these messages are highly likely to open your message and take action.

You’re guaranteed to get great results with a Facebook Chatbot.

Email marketing has an open rate of around 20% and less than around 2.5% click through rate (2018 email statistics by Mailchimp). This amounts to less than 3 clicks per 100 emails.

Messenger, by contrast, averages 70-80% open rates and 20% click through rates… That’s right, the of clicks generated through Messenger is similar to the open rates from email!

With more businesses investing in improving their Facebook pages and utilising chatbots, now is the time to have one built for your company. Let’s talk and create a completely customised tool which fits your brand as well as any human could.

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