Facebook & Google Remarketing Ad Campaigns

Re-engage website visitors & customers for additional sales.

So you’ve invested in a good site, your products/services are good, you’re running ads and maybe even investing in content, yet more than 90% of your traffic just leaves likely to never be seen again. Why aren’t they converting? If only there was a way to get them to reconsider or complete the form/checkout at a more convenient time for them? Well, there is.

It’s called remarketing. You’ve experienced this countless times yourself. You’re looking at something and then you’re followed around by that brand or product everywhere you go. That’s remarketing. It’s extremely powerful.

We love remarketing campaigns, for a good reason. They significantly reduce the average cost per conversion by allowing us to target your “warm” traffic.

You’re able to run ads to different audiences, but the most popular are your website visitors and customer list (using their email or telephone numbers). Furthermore, we combine data from other sources to ensure we’re only ever targeting those that are most likely to convert, reducing the amount of money wasted on low quality traffic that is unlikely to ever convert.

With experience across all the major social media ad platforms, we’re able to run profitable remarketing campaigns for you irrespective of sector or target audience. We’ll work with you to identify which platform offers the biggest audience and biggest opportunities for your brand.

41% of shoppers abandoned a transaction at a virtual check-out in 2018, compared to 24% who walked away from a purchase in-store.

Lookalike Audiences

If you haven’t heard of lookalike audiences before, then sit tight. It’s probably the most exciting thing to happen to digital marketing in a few years – well, we think so anyway.

Utilising your website’s traffic data, we’re able to reach new audiences that most resemble your current visitors. However, through the power of AI, this audience doesn’t just find us related audiences based on demographic data, but also behavioural (what sites they browse, purchasing behaviour etc). Furthermore, the data that we use to build these audiences with are also selected carefully by us.

We feed these AI algorithms with groups of visitors/customers such as:

A. Biggest Spenders
B. Converted Visitors (leads)
C. Most Frequent Customers etc.

This way, we’re able to give the networks the customers that we want more of. The customers that if we had more of would fuel business growth.

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