Retargeting can be a powerful tool that will help your brand to re-engage customers who have shown an interest in your offering.

Our focus is on how retargeting can fit within your wider digital strategy, allowing it to feed into marketing on several channels.

Retarget customers who want to engage

The reason why retargeting works so well is that it captures those customers who have previously engaged with your business – they are already familiar with your products and your branding. This means you can focus your advertising on an offering that’s more specific to them and their needs.

Combine with other marketing strategies

Retargeting is proven to have a higher return on investment than most other digital channels. By coupling it with SEO and paid search (such as Adwords and PPC) strategies, you can drive traffic to your site and increase conversions. This will allow your digital marketing to have the biggest impact on your targeted audience, giving them the best chance to find and spend with your business.

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