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Tailored Shopify Strategy To Drive Your Growth! πŸš€

A monthly retainer that doesn't suffocate your business and unlocks a team of Shopify designers, developers and growth experts that gets what it takes to run a high-performing Ecommerce store.

Scaling Shopify stores using proven ecommerce growth tactics, developed from our 10+ years of growing our internal brands to several millions of revenue. πŸ’°

With five years of growing our internal brands, we understand the challenges of scaling an ecommerce business. On our monthly retainer, we leverage tried-and-tested techniques to drive growth for your Shopify store, aligning solutions to the pain points faced by ecommerce brands.

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Tailored Plan To Drive Your Growth!

Judging the growth of an eCommerce brand can include expansion in a number of different areas. More members of staff, additional warehouse space, increase in social following and more awareness of your brand.

The above is all relevant. But, the most important area we will look to have an impact on is your Shopify revenue. We will work with you to develop a tailored strategy to deliver improvements month by month to support your ambitions to grow your eCommerce brand. Using our team you will unlock Shopify expertise and support in the following areas:

Theme customisation and conversion-focused custom template design

Functionality and Shopify Integration Support

Shopify & Shopify Plus Development

Ecommerce CRO Enhancements

Data Analysis and Ecommerce Strategy Development

Shopify Technical Support

All of the above is included within our Shopify and Shopify Plus retainer.Β  If you are looking to grow your brand. We would love to support and guide your growth plans.

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What will our tailored strategy include?

We will utilise any data you have, market trends, research and our eCommerce growth framework to develop a cross-channel strategy to deliver your business results. Each strategy will be developed independently, but what we can guarantee is...

Live Reporting Dashboard

Access To eCommerce Framework

Dedicated Account Manager

Pixel Set-Up & Tracking Implementation

Regular Catch Up Calls

Don't ignore your Shopify store data!

Keeping and improving your Shopify store is critical to continue to drive and grow sales. It is important to regularly update content, products, and features to keep customers engaged and coming back. We believe increasing the customer lifetime value is one of the most important factors when running a profitable ecommerce store.

Keeping the content and design fresh can help keep your brand and products relevant and altering the navigation can increase the site’s usability and make it easier for customers to find what they need. All consumers now live for convenience. It's important your website is easy for your customers to use. By making sure your store looks professional and up to date, customers will trust it and be more likely to make purchases.

Using your Shopify data, Google Analytics and applications like Littledata and TripleWhale, we will analyse the performance of your store and offer solutions to make sure you are getting every ounce of performance out of it. These platforms are also critical when understanding how your marketing efforts are going and to make better business decisions.

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