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Paid Social

Paid advertising on the biggest social platforms, for unique targeting opportunities.

Our Approach

The right platform for your business

No two businesses are the same, neither are social media platforms. Working together to find the right audience, on the right platform, we help you accelerate and grow your business through social media.

Our clients see some of the best results imaginable via paid ads on social. Growing and learning more about their audience and business as they go.

We’re confident we can help you drive real results.
In fact, we’ll even guarantee it.

A Return On Your Investment Guaranteed

We understand how overwhelming it feels investing in digital marketing with a new agency. We understand the risk you’re taking.
We want to share that risk with you.

That’s why we guarantee you’ll make your investment in us back within the first 6 months, or we’ll work for free until you do.

What We Do





digtialbeans office

How We Work

Lookalike Audiences

Find and market to audiences that share similar interests & qualities as your site visitors and customers. Serving ads to more relevant audiences, increasing conversion and driving down cost.


Serve ads in multiple formats, in a variety of places across the most popular networks. AI and data are used to determine where and how audiences use these platforms, to serve them ads in the most relevant and places.


Interests, professions, life events, you name it… Social platforms offer better targeting opportunities than any other medium. No more guesswork. Find the right audience, not just an audience.


Ad copy is written in compelling ways to accurately serve each platform and audience types. written to drive a clear action. Accompanied by your creatives, or drafting in our professional photographers and videographers, for content that stands out.


Clear performance & activity tracking on your campaigns. These insights are provided, so you can see ROI, and we can establish the winning factors for further improvements.

Budget Management

Ad performance and budget spend are continually monitored, ensuring Ads are driving conversions from the best performing platform. Most importantly not burning a hole in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in paid Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising (Paid Ads) are untouchable when it comes to audience targeting. You can get more from your money, due to being able to find and deliver messaging to more relevant audiences. This is thanks to some advanced AI and expertise from people who know their stuff. Making your investment go further and accelerating your business growth as a result.

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