Have You Decided Which Platform Can Give Your Business The Best Return?

Social media advertising is the most popular form of marketing.

There’s absolutely no doubt…

Social media advertising should be a part of any businesses marketing strategy. The only problem is, there are so many platforms to pick from that it can be tough to decide where to allocate budget. There are 3.5 billion active users on social media, It’s easy for us to say your target audience is out there, the difficulty is finding them.


Of Instagram users claimed to have made a purchase after watching brand’s video on the platform.


Of all small and medium businesses have a presence on at least one social platform.


Of 22-37 year olds use social media to research products.

Which platform are you looking to utilise through social advertising?


Our experience of Facebook Ads covers every aspect of the platform.

There is a huge opportunity for B2B and ecommerce brands to reach new potential customers and re-engage with existing ones.

From video campaigns, pixel integration, remarketing, custom audiences to lookalike audiences. If those things sound alien, don’t worry. We’re here to help you every step of the way and explain things in a straight forward manner.


Instagram isn’t just for cute dogs and bikini shots; businesses are thriving too.

Any B2C business can succeed on Instagram and with the right strategy, your business can be perfectly positioned to attract the spending power of the 60% of users that seek out and discover new products on Instagram.


Isn’t Twitter full of people like Piers Morgan, continuously looking for an argument?

Not at all – Twitter is the second-largest social media platform in the UK with over 321 million active users logging on every month. Almost half of those check their timeline or tweet daily.

Ad engagement is at an all-time high on Twitter. Now’s the time to invest your budget, don’t leave it ‘til your competitors take that jump ahead of you.


Of all B2B conversion leads, 80% come from LinkedIn.

So If you’re targeting other businesses, LinkedIn is a platform that you must be utilising.

Yes, some people might share a cute picture of the office dog (yawn), but this doesn’t discredit the fact that LinkedIn is the number one channel when it comes to B2B content distribution.

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