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So you’re looking for a new website. Ideally you’d like to keep it somewhat local, so you’re searching for web designers in Kent that can help with your project. You’re inundated with options, content management systems, prices and a dozen other questions to answer before deciding on which web design agency to work with.

We want to keep this simple for you and focus on what matters most. Despite having built over 100 websites over the last 10 years, we don’t think that’s a reason alone to work with us. You’d expect that any web designer worth their salt would have the relevant experience. So what does matter? And what should drive your decision behind selecting your next web design agency?

Here’s what we think matters and what we’re able to offer your web design project.

No confusion over the platform/content management system (CMS) to use. We’ve exclusively only ever built sites in WordPress. We’ve always known and believed that WordPress is the best platform for businesses. Not only is it super flexible and straightforward to work manage your site content on, but there’s also a huge ecosystem of developers, plugins and themes built around it. 

Ultimately this provides you with two inherent benefits:

Lower cost of ownership: In other words, over the lifetime of your site, the site will cost you less. Say you want to add a new feature to your site, or even introduce an ecommerce area to your site down the road, you can! This flexibility is not offered by most other CMSs and if they do, the cost is significantly higher.

You own your data (aka portability): WordPress offers you the most flexibility when it comes to who you work with. That means that if you decide to work with another developer or agency you can. This is not something most agencies want you to know, and for that reason, many either don’t work with WordPress or have some other solution that is somehow better or cheaper. The truth is that WordPress powers 35% of the web and nearly 40% of the top 10k websites in the world. No other platform boasts those sort of numbers. As a result, there are hundreds of thousands of developers, plugins and hosts able to support a WordPress project. From experience we know that most of our clients don’t leave us, and we hope you find out why soon too.

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Digital Marketing At The Core

To every web project we take on we pour our digital marketing experience in to. It’s no longer enough to have a “pretty” website. Your website needs to attract visitors. These visitors need to convert into customers or leads. It takes more than a pretty website to do so.

By working with us on your web design project means that your website will have years of digital marketing experience and conversion rate optimisation best practices poured into every page. We haven’t won any web design awards (we haven’t entered either), but we have had plenty of clients come back years later for us to build their second or even third website. The reason? Our websites generate business for our customers and are backed by a responsive team of lovely individuals (hopefully you’ll agree).

For additional reassurance, we also offer an improvements guarantee for all our sites. That means that if we’re working with you on things like PPC campaigns or SEO after your website is built and we identify something on the site that could be improved to aid conversions then we will carry out the work free of charge. We’re not interested in generating short term profit at the sacrifice of a long term relationship. It’s this transparency and commitment to our clients that has allowed us to develop and help our clients grow their businesses.

We’re always finding new ways of working and better ways of doing things, so you can rest assured that as soon as we’ve identified a potential improvement, it will be done for you; without the dreaded invoice following closely behind.

And, once your site is built, you’re not tied in to any contract with us. You see we believe in choice and freedom. A tie in, whether contractual or through the lack of choice, never feels good. It feels even worse as a small business. The website is yours to do what you wish with, you’ve paid for it, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. We of course love to help and support clients and can also offer management services for your new site, but you’re at no point obliged to take up any such service.

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