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WordPress Web Development & Complex Builds

Some projects require significantly more technical expertise and platform-specific experience to deliver successfully. It’s one of the core reasons we’ve chosen to exclusively deliver projects on WordPress for the decade. During this time, we’ve worked on 100s of sites, spanning numerous business models and serving millions of users per month.

WordPress is an open source system with one of the biggest and passionate communities around it. Together, they’ve resulted in WordPress providing a level of openness unmatched by most of the competing content management systems. This openness is encapsulated by the WordPress API and WooCommerce REST API, which open up an infinite number of opportunities for building and integrating with existing or new internal applications, bespoke software, plugins or other processes.


Over the years we’ve got stuck in to a number of projects that required the use of either the default WordPress API or the WooCommerce REST API. We’ve utilised the WordPress API and built a custom plugin to facilitate the communication between a taxi directory listing site and its iOS and Android applications, allowing app users to search the site’s directory using their geolocation. 

Within ecommerce, we’ve also built a warehouse system that communicates in real time with the website, allowing the warehouse team to pick and pack customer orders as they come in and also allows the customer service team to take orders over the phone, including payment, which are then added to WooCommerce ready to be packed.

3rd party APIs

From couriers to accounting and inventory management systems, integrating with 3rd party APIs is now commonplace among ecommerce sites. However, there’s often also a need for other sites to integrate with other service over their APIs. Whether that’s to facilitate user experience through an improved, offloaded instant site search to an internal process for syncing with your offsite CRM, we can help.

Offload Database & Load Balancing

Building an application, service, shop or other site isn’t enough nowadays. Knowing and being able to help that project scale with time is equally important. All too many sites unfortunately are too slow or are unable to handle the level of traffic they receive, wrestling in user frustration or even worse, downtime as a result of the server being overloaded.

With WordPress scalability is just as much about having the right hosting infrastructure as it is about having an efficient site. But what does an efficient site look like?


Having well written code is vitally important. A single inefficient query or custom WordPress function that’s attached to the wrong hook could lead to scalability issues unless fixed. As standard we follow best practices in our work and review our code as a project grows to identify ways to improve site speed and resource footprint (aka the minimum amount of server power that is needed to run the code effectively).

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