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Since adopting digital, we have gone above and over where we wanted to be. We wouldn’t change, we wouldn’t go back to catalogue sales over digital. 

Everything was based on seasonal catalogs. We were not finding new customers, just serving existing clientele. We had a website, but it was pretty old. We were running no advertising, it just did the job. 

When Google bought out its mobile-friendly update, we needed to take the leap and sort our website out. 

At one point we tried doing it ourselves and we couldn’t do it. There’s so much to it. We have had a couple of different people handling our website and paid ads but we have not seen growth anywhere near like we have over the past few years, being with digitalbeans 

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For every £1 spent, F.A. Dumont’s Facebook campaigns made back £5.70 in return!

For every £1 spent, F.A. Dumont’s Google campaigns made back £2.60 in return!

“We don’t have a lot of time being a small team. We rely on digitalbeans to guide us digitally. 
We put our trust in our Account Managers. They have set us up on more platforms. Every month we get a report and we can see our channels growing.”

Dan Westhead

Dan Westhead

Managing director – F.A. DUMONT

Client Story Video

Find out more about FA Dumount’s story from Operation Director’s Claire and Dan.

In this full, uncut conversation, Claire and Dan talk about the transition from catalogue to eCommerce. They also speak about the impact digital is having on their business growth.

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