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Our vision is to push the hair extension industry in the direction of digital. To inspire suppliers as a collective, to serve customers better.

Digital has been an integral part of our business and we wouldn’t be running SimplyHair how we run it now, without our digital campaigns. The data insights help us inform our decisions to change for better performance. Digital campaigns are without a doubt the most important part of our business. There’s no Simply without our digital strategy. 

At the start, we set out to fully understand our demographic. We needed to answer a number of questions including; what products were selling and what needed drastic improvement. We also wanted to find out what our competitors were doing and where the market was going. 

If we removed digitalbeans from the picture, running things ourselves would put us a good few years behind where we are now. In our growth as a business, our product offerings and marketing. 

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So far this year, for every £1 spent, SimplyHair’s Facebook campaigns made back £27 in return!

So far this year, for every £1 spent, SimplyHair’s Google campaigns made back £37 in return!

As a business owner, I’m putting a massive part of my business success in someone else’s hands. I understood what I needed, but did not understand how to do it. I’m very lucky to be in a position where I can understand the intensities of how it all works and that’s something digitalbeans offer to all their clients.

Amy Filippaios

Amy Filippaios

Founder – simplyhair

Client Story Video

Find out more about SimplyHair’s story from Founder of the company Amy Filippaios.

In this full, uncut conversation, Amy speaks about the early days of the business and how digitalbeans have helped make an impact on SimplyHair’s growth.

SimplyHair Client Story Thumbnail

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