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The Milky Tee Co. Client Story
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With ecommerce it can be very up and down. We can have a good month and then a quiet one. It’s nice with an agency because I have a team to help me launch campaigns, give advice, and be able to take responsibility for that side of my business. 

I had tried running campaigns myself and they did okay. I was able to set up and carry out the basics. But it’s the additional work; checking up on the campaigns, what changes to make when there’s poor performance and how to overcome rejected ads, which left me stumped.

I also never looked properly at the results, which I now recognise is so important. You need to be able to look at what’s working and carry out testing. A/B testing allows you to test what elements of an ad works. I would typically create one advert or boost one post, whereas digitalbeans, would create a whole bunch of different ads, recognise which ones perform better and take those learnings forward into the next campaign. 

I wouldn’t have done those things or thought about doing them. Whereas the digitalbeans team were able to say; “right we’re going to carry out a number of tests with different types of copy and analyse all the results”. That’s the side of digital marketing I would not have done. I’m creative, I like writing posts, creating visuals, but I’m not technical. It’s great working with digitalbeans who can bring that element to my business.

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For every £1 spent, The Milky Tee Company made £9.93 in return!

“Find an agency with a young attitude. They tend to be in touch with current trends and technology. I wouldn’t go with an agency that’s been around for 30 years, because marketing has changed so much. digitalbeans are great and on the ball with what’s happening.”

“You would be crazy to not put a big part of your marketing budget into digital marketing.”

Lauren Hampshire

Lauren Hampshire


Client Story Video

Find out more about The Milky Tee Company’s story from Founder, Lauren Hampshire.

In this full, uncut conversation, Lauren discusses the impact digital marketing has had on her business compared to other advertising methods and the growth she has seen since working with digitalbeans.

The Milky Tee Co. Client Story

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