dunk cookies.

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Project Highlights


New Web Build

Dunk Cookies experienced rapid growth during 2020, but as more users interacted with the site, continuous issues were being reported around usability and scalability. Design-wise the Dunk Cookies team were happy. They tasked us with rebuilding the site, keeping the original aesthetics but ensuring that the usability & responsiveness issues were resolved.


New Functionality

As part of this project we installed and set up new functionality to allow Dunk Cookies to sell Gift Cards and vouchers. These are accessible via the shop but are also offered as an upsell during the checkout process. 



The site was struggling to handle the spikes in traffic during the brand's weekly stock drops, during which hundreds of customers are anxiously refreshing the site every few seconds. Post live, we worked with the team to find a solution. We implemented a number of performance improvements and a new hosting environment, the site is now capable of handling 100s of concurrent users simultaneously with no impact on the site's performance or reliability.

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