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The Challenge

Christmas in Canterbury is a special time of the year. The smell of roasted hazelnuts as you approach Whitefriars, wonderful decorations in every corner of the city centre and market stalls full of Christmas cheer.

At the start of November 2019 we sat down with Canterbury BID, Visit Canterbury and Whitefriars to discuss a very different marketing campaign to push festivities happening within Canterbury City centre.

How we made Canterbury’s FIRST Chatbot…

Utilising the latest Facebook technology, we developed a Chatbot that covered every single element of Christmas in the city for the My Canterbury Facebook page. The Chatbot was fully customised so completely on-brand and included personal automated messaging.

As part of the collaboration, all website click-throughs to do with festivities in Canterbury went to the Visit Canterbury website and Whitefriars took centre stage of the Shopping section.

The project involved raising awareness of seasonal events, exposure for local businesses and to host a weekly competition to win local prizes. We thought the latter would fittingly help us quickly attract new subscribers.

We decided to keep the Chatbot as simple to engage with as possible. Developing a menu format, we were able to create sections dedicated to Events, Shopping, Competition, Travel and Stay. Under each section we developed engaging content to trigger interest and interaction through a number of different funnels. The direction the conversation goes in, is completely down to the answer of the end-user.

Utilising Facebook Ads and Broadcasts, every week we kept those interested in the competition up-to-date and pushed a small amount of key messaging. The click-through rate for these broadcasts was mindblowing. The only comparison is… Imagine 94% of your subscriber list opening and clicking the links within your emails, to achieve this just proves the power of Chatbots to us.

My Canterbury Christmas Poster

Alongside developing and maintaining the Chatbot, we ran a series of Facebook Ads in an attempt to fast- track a substantial subscriber base.

We split-test three ad creatives and the winner by far was the Ad centred around the weekly competition. Naturally, we started to push more budget into that individual ad-set.

In the end, almost 80% of our subscribers came from that campaign and on average we paid £0.63 per Chatbot subscriber.

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