The Challenge

Say hello to the newest brand within Bambu Group. Having already launched two e-commerce brands within the beauty sector, PRETTYSPOILT is centring on wigs and hair accessories. The mission is to inspire creatives with commitment issues. With this in mind, the brand has to be big, bold and beautiful.

Starting with nothing, this creative task isn’t just about creating a website or digital marketing campaign. It’s about inventing a brand that’s true to itself and establishes a connection with the audience instantly.

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How we helped

Working with the team inhouse day-to-day, we launched phase one of the project which included a holding page and full product range within a remarkably quick timeframe.

After just 6 weeks, the full website was live. Expanding the already black and white palette, we used bright pinks, blues and purples to create a big and bold first impression. The use of unusual elements including images and text with glitching effects and the logo strobing at the top of the website allows the brand to stand out from top competitors within the industry.

As with all the e-commerce brands within Bambu Group, the websites are designed with business growth in mind and Woo-Commerce at the core. The customer’s journey to the checkout is as easy and pain-free as possible. Using swooping coloured gradient buttons instead of boring plain ones, immediately the appeal of clicking ‘add to cart’ or ‘checkout’ is more powerful.


The website has only just fully launched, so as a team we are still celebrating the success of having another brand under the Bambu Group umbrella. We have also just started our digital marketing campaigns so results are still to be determined.

Recently we have successfully introduced a call to action at the top of the homepage to push free deliveries for orders over £50. The point of this is to entice customers to up their cart value, so they don’t have to shell-out on delivery. The results of this campaign so far are positive.