Boost eCommerce Growth with Klaviyo’s Marketing Automation

In today’s digital-first world, the most successful online businesses are leveraging marketing automation to accelerate growth. Klaviyo stands out as a premier platform purpose-built for ecommerce brands to increase sales, foster loyalty, and scale. Given its standing, it still has a competitive price range when compared to rivals like Mailchimp. There is no comparison though, as Mailchimp can’t deliver half of the functions and benefits Klayvio possesses, making it a must for merchants. We are speaking here from experience as most of our clients are capitalising on the benefits of moving from Mailchimp to Klayvio.

In this piece, we explore how food and drink companies, brick-and-mortar retailers, and subscription-based stores can each use Klaviyo to support in the journey of reaching their eCommerce growth goals…


Efficient marketing solution for food & drink brands

For ecommerce food and drink companies, Klaviyo can increase efforts to:

  • Build subscriber lists and send targeted email campaigns promoting new product launches, seasonal favourites, or bank holiday specials to increase repeat purchases.
  • Segment customers to deliver personalised recommendations for complementary products like cheese and wine pairings. Offering these bundled personalised recommendations with a slight discount can further a customer’s lifetime value, whilst also leaving them feeling appreciated.
  • See clearer purchasing behaviors in Klaviyo to help optimise future paid-advertising campaigns to target customers who frequently buy online vs in-store.
  • Automate post-purchase follow-up emails to collect reviews, encourage referrals through discount codes, and remind customers to repeat order.
  • Use further data capture opportunities to learn more about your customers to encourage future testing on new product flavour releases etc. Meaning your customers can guide you on future investment in new product lines.
  • A data-driven approach to increase order frequency, average order value, and lifetime value.


Engage in-store customers online for retailers

For multichannel retailers with physical and online stores, Klaviyo can support by offering the opportunity to:

  • Capture in-store emails at checkout to build a central marketing database. Email those customers post-purchase reviews, personalised recommendations for complementary pieces, and online-exclusive promotions like 20% off their next order.
  • Create loyalty programs to incentivise customers to provide emails and engage across channels. Offer free shipping, early sales access and exclusive sales lines.
  • Segment online vs. in-store customers for tailored messaging. Send online-only shoppers ‘We Miss You’ coupons to encourage store visits or to further online transactions.
  • Use location segmentation to encourage online shoppers within a certain radius to your store to visit. Create events for exclusive shopping opportunities to award your online customers in person whilst also acquiring extra revenue for ticket sales. For example; Product making experiences, or exclusive new stock events so your dedicated customers get first access.
  • Sync online and offline purchase behaviours for 360-degree customer insight. Craft cross-channel campaigns like ‘Complete Your Look’ with recommended items based on recent purchases.

The end result is a complete view of every shopper to merge in-store and online into a cohesive experience. Taking nothing away from your physical store, but making the most of your online one using automation at the same time.


Increase the lifetime value of subscribers

For ecommerce subscription services, Klaviyo is a must. Your profit depends on retaining customers. Klayvio can help by:

  • Automating personalised post-purchase emails like order reminder surveys, tips for getting the most from their subscription, and renewal confirmation messages.
  • Build segments and journeys tailored to long-time loyalists vs. new subscribers at risk of churning. Send targeted win-back offers like free 1-month extensions.
  • Learn more about your subscribers to drive new loyalty ideas. For example; pets birthdays – get a free treat for your pet when you subscribe, or a claim a discount on a further order on your birthday month.
  • A/B test email content, offers, and timing to determine what motivates renewals for each subscriber segment. Try emphasising new perks vs. limited-time pricing.
  • Reward loyal subscribers with exclusive early access to new products and features before public release.
  • Create referral programs so existing subscribers organically attract new, high-quality leads through ‘Gift a Month’ campaigns.
  • To further customer lifetime value, use Klayvio to drop exclusive stock, giving your customers the first opportunity to buy a limited product before it sells out. These items should be high-margin items that increase customer profitability.

With Klaviyo, subscription ecommerce brands reduce churn, increase renewals, further customers lifetime value and build a tribe of brand advocates.


Klayvio + Shopify = 🚀

Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with Shopify. It’s the perfect software to unify your customer data, email campaigns, automation, and metrics in one place. Klaviyo provides the intelligence to optimise your marketing ROI (return on investment) across every channel. Klayvio also integrates with a number of other Shopify apps which deliver fantastic results. Like Recharge, Rebuy and Reviews.IO. Making the ability for customers to easily convert from email campaigns a piece of cake!

If you don’t use Shopify – Klayvio can integrate with a number of ecommerce platforms. Find out more.

Want to know more about Klayvio and how it can transform your business? Reach out to us today.

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