Get Ahead of Growth With Veeqo’s Stock and Fulfilment Solution

Ecommerce is booming, with online sales growing steadily year after year. For new ecommerce businesses, this rapid growth can quickly lead to scaling pains around order fulfilment and inventory management. Entrepreneurs often put off implementing stock control and shipping software, thinking their order volumes are too low to warrant the investment. But adopting a solution early allows your systems to mature alongside your business and avoids the headaches of sudden growth.


That’s where Veeqo comes in…

Veeqo is an all-in-one inventory management and order fulfilment platform built specifically for ecommerce retailers. Originally launched in 2014, Veeqo has started to benefit from some real traction over the past 12 months after being bought out by Amazon. The software centralises inventory data, seamlessly integrates with shopping carts and marketplaces, automates order processing, and allows businesses to efficiently ship worldwide using discounted carrier rates. This is what the software currently does out of the box. Now it is owned and managed by the leading online retailer, just imagine how much better this software is going to get now it is in the hands of Amazon.


What makes Veeqo a perfect fit for SME’s?

While platforms like ShipStation (which is also a great option, may we add!) offer some similar capabilities, Veeqo stands out for small and medium-sized merchants. The software is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of modern online sellers. The UI is extremely user-friendly, onboarding is streamlined, and the tool remains intuitive even with more advanced settings and options unlocked as you scale. Plus, Veeqo is FREE. We don’t think there is a better tool that can really help scale a business for free, out there in the ecommerce marketplace.


Shopify Integration

Veeqo integrates directly into Shopify to sync product catalogues, orders, inventory levels, and customer data on a real-time basis. This allows a unified view of your business and seamless workflows between the platforms. Shopify merchants can save hours of tedious manual work by utilising Veeqo’s automation to print orders, generate packing slips, purchase shipping, and track fulfilment – all with just a few clicks.


Don’t wait to optimise fulfilment…

We are actively recommending Veeqo to our clients. It makes it easy for new(er) ecommerce stores to optimise their inventory and fulfilment operations long before bottleneck issues arise. The software scales smoothly along your growth trajectory. Regardless of current order volumes, implementing Veeqo early on will save major headaches down the road while preparing your business for expansion. The deep Shopify integration provides an ideal centralised hub to run the back office while you focus on sales and other areas like marketing and product development. Avoid the pains of sudden growth scaling by adopting Veeqo sooner rather than later. The time savings allow business owners to dedicate resources to growth and innovation.


Contact us to hear about our first-hand experiences of using Veeqo, a tutorial on the software and any further support with adding what would be a very important asset to your stores’ tech stack.

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