How Rebuy’s Smart Cart Accelerates Startup Growth

Abandoned carts are the bane of every ecommerce merchant, but they present an even bigger missed opportunity for startups with small customer bases. Rebuy’s Smart Cart technology helps startups tap into this potential revenue stream to fuel growth.

Once installed, Rebuy’s Smart Cart instantly elevates your standard Shopify cart into an interactive, conversion-boosting experience. It incorporates features like one-click upgrades, personalised upsells, and a progress bar to incentivise bigger purchases.

But where Smart Cart really shines is in recovering abandoned carts. Using predictive AI, it identifies why each individual is abandoning their purchase and triggers tailored campaigns to re-engage them. This intelligent targeting converts shoppers who would have otherwise been lost.

For startups, a 10% increase in cart recovery can accelerate growth dramatically And the app can boost average order values, generating an instant windfall. Recovered sales can multiply over time without acquiring new customers. However, we’d always recommend that if you do invest in an app like Rebuy, to run some powerful campaigns to boost the traffic visiting your website and use the new smart cart as part of their journey. That way you can really judge its effectiveness.

While the monthly cost may seem high initially, Rebuy offers a unique ROAS guarantee. If you don’t earn back your spend through Smart Cart, they credit you the difference. You’ve nothing to lose by trying it.

Rebuy also supplies robust analytics so you can optimise performance. With full data transparency, you maintain control over the value you drive.

In short, Smart Cart takes your basic checkout and makes it a profit-driving workhorse, recovering lost revenue while raising order values. It’s an investment that pays for itself many times over.


In summary, Smart Cart jumpstarts growth by:

  • Increasing sales without more customers
  • Increasing Average Order Value
  • Offering powerful customer engagement opportunities


For any startup looking to fuel its early-stage ecommerce engine on Shopify, Rebuy’s Smart Cart is a must-have. The growth impact is too significant to ignore.

Contact us to discuss integrating Rebuy’s Smart Cart, or other products with your Shopify store.

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