Migrate to Shopify & Improve Subscriptions with This New Tool

Twice a year, Shopify announces new features and platform updates during their Shopify Editions event. The summer 2022 Editions unveiled an exciting new offering – Shopify Subscriptions. This long-awaited new app will transform how merchants manage recurring orders and increase the profitability of their subscription product model.

Until now, Shopify sellers have had to rely on third-party subscription apps like Recharge. Which is great. But Shopify Subscriptions incorporates recurring order capabilities seamlessly into Shopify’s core platform.


Here’s a closer look at the benefits of Shopify Subscriptions:


Lower Costs = More Profit

This new subscription tool will be free for all Shopify plans. There’s no confirmation yet whether there will be added benefits for Plus users, but there’s an expectation there will be. Currently, third-party apps charge monthly fees plus transaction costs. This feature will allow merchants to drive profits even further with recurring revenue.


Enhanced Customisation

Are we wrong to expect greater styling and customisation options compared to third-party tools? Since Shopify Subscriptions is developed by Shopify, it should integrate seamlessly with Shopify themes for cohesive branding. Recharge currently only provides three styling options due to the use of widgets. With native Shopify development, customising subscription components across product pages and account areas should be straightforward. This will make matching subscriptions to the rest of the Shopify storefront much easier.


Unified Management

Shopify Subscriptions will enable centralised subscription management in one dashboard. Merchants can view and manage recurring orders alongside regular purchases without toggling between tools. This unified experience streamlines workflows and consolidates data. With subscriptions integrated directly within Shopify, merchants gain a complete business picture.

The big question is; what data will Shopify offer merchants within their analytics dashboard?


Upgrade Opportunities and Checkout Experience

Shopify has not confirmed if one-time purchases can be upgraded to subscriptions during the checkout or cart phase. This currently requires third-party apps. However, Shopify Subscriptions will improve the new subscriber’s experience. Customers will see streamlined “Subscribe Now” buttons when signing up. Upon purchase, accounts will be created with subscription management options. While not as robust as some third parties on first view, Shopify Subscriptions lays the groundwork for more unified subscription management.


The summer Editions release 2023 reinforces Shopify’s commitment to enhancing its platform’s capabilities. Shopify Subscriptions eliminates the need for a bolted-on tool and provides superior functionality purpose-built for recurring revenue.

As subscriber-based business models continue to gain popularity, this new feature comes at an ideal time. Now Shopify sellers have an integrated solution to optimise their subscription programmes and manage recurring orders.

The Shopify Subscriptions announcement is just one of many exciting updates unveiled in the latest Editions. As always, all these new capabilities will be available to merchants at no extra cost, further adding value to the Shopify platform. If you are considering migrating to Shopify, contact us here to find out more about migrating your store to Shopify.

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