Unlock More Sales With Shopify’s Powerful New Bundling Feature

Shopify has unveiled its built-in bundling feature as part of its Editions for Summer 2023 release. The app has been in beta testing for a while but is now available for free via the app store. This functionality will give merchants more power to further develop their product ranges to increase average order value and transaction size directly within their store admin.

What is product bundling?

Bundling means selling a group of products together at a discounted price. It’s an ecommerce strategy that can increase sales. Research suggests that by adding product bundles to your product pages, brands can increase revenue by up to 30%.

For example, Amazon bundles accessories with electronics like laptops. This provides more value for customers who get related products they need at one low bundle price.

Shopify’s new built-in bundling feature makes it easy for merchants to create bundled product offerings. This helps increase average order value and replicate Amazon’s bundling success.

Key benefits of Shopify’s built-in bundling:

  • Accessible to all Shopify merchants – no need for a third-party app
  • Create fixed or dynamic bundles in the store admin
  • Real-time inventory syncing prevents overselling
  • Bundles integrate seamlessly into product listings and cart
  • Discounted pricing provides greater perceived value for customers
  • Higher average order values and increased transaction frequency
  • For advanced customisation, Shopify Plus merchants can utilise APIs and direct support.

For merchants with lower-priced products, bundling is an especially effective strategy. Combining multiple affordable items into packages increases overall basket value. Customers more readily buy lower-priced products as part of a bundled deal versus individually Retailers with smaller priced items can boost visibility and sales volume by strategically bundling products into value-driven sets.

Capitalising on the bundling opportunity

Now is the perfect time for Shopify merchants to adopt intelligent bundling strategies. Consumers increasingly seek deals, discounts, and added value when shopping online.

Bundling caters to this desire while letting the merchant increase average order value. It’s a win-win tactic.

With Shopify’s new built-in support launched in its Editions for Summer 2023, sellers no longer need third-party apps to bundle products. Turn on the feature and experiment with bundles that provide deal-seeking shoppers with greater perceived value. It’s all about testing and using the data to then better drive your future business decisions.

Contact us about further strategies on how we can grow your Shopify store using bundles and other average order value enhancing techniques.

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